The cost of home air conditioning with advance purification may be cheaper than you thought.

1. Includes indoor wall mounted unit, outdoor unit, filter, infra red remote controller. Outdoor unit powered using standard plug from a local indoor or outdoor socket. Distance between indoor and outdoor unit less than 15m.

2. Optional installation by electricain of a weatherproof isolator at the outdoor unit, connected to your fuseboard using armoured cable.

3. If the indoor unit is mounted on an internal wall, then it is necessary to install a condensate pump. Additional pipework and conduit is also likely to be required.

How much does home air conditioning cost?

When calculating how much home air conditioning costs, a number of factors are taken into account:

  • About a third of the cost of air conditioning is the type and size of the equipment.  We calculate the size/duty of the air conditioning equipment from the room size, the size and position of windows, the amount of insulation and the number of room occupants. Typically, we usually fit wall mounted or floor mounted air conditioning units in homes, these are cheaper than ceiling cassettes and concealed ducted units.
  • Another third of the cost is the pipework, brackets, mounting blocks and extra gas. The main factors here are the distance between the indoor unit and the outdoor unit, and the ease in which pipework can be layed between them. A further factor is the location of the outdoor unit and if special access equipment is needed.