Warehouse Air Conditioning – cheaper than you think!

When we talk about air conditioning a warehouse, we don’t just mean warehouses, we mean air conditioning any large space such as workshops, production lines, depots, soft play areas, trampoline parks, storage facilities, pharmaceutical storage.

A client approached us a short time ago to ask us to quote for gas heating in their new warehouse (actually it was printers workshop about 30m x 30m). We were given the go ahead only to find later that the gas supply to the building was insufficient for the heating duty required.

It was at this point we mentioned air conditioning as an alternative solution for the warehouse. The clients first reaction was that they needed heating, not cooling. I reminded them that air conditioning does both heating and cooling, and not just that, it heats more efficiently than most gas heaters.

Anyway, we put together a proposal for air conditioning their warehouse. It cost around £10,000 compared to £7,000 for gas heating, but they are delighted with the benefits:

  1. Cooling in the summer, which can be a real bonus if your warehouse gets really hot or you need to keep products at a constant temperature.
  2. Its much quieter than gas heating, which makes a big difference if your warehouse or large area is continuously occupied by workers.
  3. Energy bills are as good or better than if using gas fired heating.
  4. There is no need for large holes for the flue in the roof or walls (which potentially have to be filled on leaving the premises)
  5. Cassette type air conditioning pushes the heat downwards where it is needed most and the 4-way blow gently heats/cools.
  6. Perfect solution if you don’t have gas at your site.

There are generally two ways to air conditioning warehouses:

Option 1: Cassette type air conditioning units

This is the type discussed above and each unit can be up to 15kW in duty. They are well suited to warehouse areas that are highly populated with people as they provide a good distribution of heat/cooling and are quiet in operation. They are also a good air conditioning option if dust is a problem as in a printers workshop.

Option 2: High Capacity Ducted Units

These type of air conditioning units come in capacities up to 25kW and are well suited to warehouse areas that need background heating/cooling.

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