Warehouse Heating Solutions

For Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Hertfordshire, Hampshire, Oxfordshire, Surrey, Middlesex

Air intelligence are able to install a comprehensive range of warehouse heating solutions to meet most requirements. The typically take 2-3 days to install and are a very cost effective means of heating large open warehouse spaces.

Different Types of Warehouse Heaters

Suspended Gas/Oil Warehouse Heaters

SUSPENDED warehouse heaterThese heaters are all fan assisted free blowing warehouse heaters that can also be ducted to grills located in different parts of the warehouse. They are usually suspended from ceilings to avoid using valuable floor space. They are generally easy to install, maintain and operate. They range on size from 20kW to 150kW. With the UK, the main manufacturers are Powrmatic, Benson, Ambi-Rad, Reznor or Combats, and Roberts Gordon.

Floor standing Warehouse Heaters (i.e. Cabinet Heaters)

CABINET HEATERFloor standing warehouse heater are similar to suspended warehouse heater except they are positioned on the warehouse floor. The main benefit of these types of warehouse heaters is that the heating can be considerably higher than suspended models (over 400kW). They are nearly always gas or oil fired and can often direct the heat output in multiple directions.

Gas Radient Heaters

The radiant heating system unlike warm air heating doesn’t have to heat the air. The radiant energy first heats the people and all the objects around the people including the floor. This effectively surrounds the occupants in a warm blanket of heat. The warm floor and objects then act as secondary heaters raising the air temperature just like the summer heat haze. gas-radient-heater
Heating solutions like these are useful when ceilings are extremely high or when very localised heating is required in a much larger space. Gas radient heaters usually have a maximum duty of only about 50kW, so very often a number of them need to be configured in series to provide the necessary heating duty. Usually available in natural gas or propane gas versions.
Cost of warehouse heaters:
The cost of installing a typical warehouse heater of say 50kW, would be in the region of £5-£7,000, depending on installation complexity and current positions of the gas mains. The incremental installation cost of larger units is relatively low