Eco-FriendlyAlthough Air Intelligence Ltd is a small firm, our field is very much at the centre of energy usage and therefore seeks to set an example to its clients. Below are specific and practical environmental policies we have implements for the period 2021 to 2025.

 Policy Objectives 2021 to 2025:

  • Reduce our energy costs by use of heat pump heating our offices and leasing of hybrid electric vehicles
  • Give high priority to energy efficiency investments and also encourage clients towards these objectives
  • Consider life-cycle energy costs for all new projects by ensuring we and our clients are aware of TM44 certification
  • Minimise CO2 emissions by avoiding unnecessary journeys. Achieve by quoting off plan and minimising visits to suppliers, engineers to be home-based.
  • Where possible, to use energy from sustainable sources.
  • Not to discharge any refrigerant to the atmosphere and procedures are in place to ensure that all recovered refrigerant is returned to the supplier
  • Ensure clients are aware of the energy performance of our products compared to alternatives.
  • Encourage clients away from gas fire solutions towards electric heat pumps.
  • As part of our installations, ensure clients are aware to energy management features of their new equipment and to control these.

P. Hunter (Director)

Date……………1 January 2021