Getting aesthetically pleasing air conditioning and ventilation to shops and restaurants and shops has always been slightly challenging.

air intelligence ducting oval exposed trend visible restaurant

Visible ducting used in a restaurant.

This is now changing with innovations in ducting fabrication is now allowing new ways of delivering air conditioning and ventilation to shops and restaurants, helped by the increasing trend for more industrialised and rustic feel to the overall interior design.


Oval ducting trend exposed air intelligence

Visible ducting used in a retail space.

Instead of trying to hide air conditioning and ducting equipment, interior designers are making a feature of it. Some are even using the ducting to mount lighting. Some types of ducting can also be painted to blend in with the ceiling or to stand out as an architectural feature. 

Air intelligence oval ducting visible trend

Visible Oval Ducting

Where design constraints and space limitations demand, such as in ceilings, floor voids and walls, then flat oval duct offers significant advantages.  It also boasts fewer supports and site joints than the rectangular ductwork. The air tight structure ensures less air leakages, improved flow of air, and reduced noise which makes it ideal for use indoors and it’s is also watertight

air intelligence oval ducting exposed visible

Oval Ducting

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