We now offer full Legionella Management services including risk assessments, sampling and water monitoring. We also offer onsite training for those companies wishing to do it themselves (see below). Also read our useful article on Legionella regulation Legionella Compliance – Why Risk a Jail Term

Background to Managing Legionella:

Managing Legionella is one of the most important health and safety activities a business has. Although the likelihood of an outbreak is relatively low, the consequences to life can be very high. This is why stringent government legislation is in place to ensure employers take appropriate precautions. In the event of an outbreak, the legislation is backed up with very serious penalties (financial and prison sentences) to those deemed responsible.

Many of our clients mistakenly believe that a completed Statutory Legionella Risk Assessment means the box can be ticked and no further action is required. It is true that the Risk Assessment is the primary requirement under law and all businesses must have one completed every two years. However, under law, they are also responsible for managing the risks and recommendations within the risk assessment.

For small to medium sized businesses without dedicated facilities managers, this can initially appear to be a fairly daunting task that is to easily put in the ‘to hard’ basket. However, once understood and set up, managing Legionella is not time consuming or difficult. For this reason we have developed a short ‘on-site’ practical  course to help these companies get started with Legionella Management.

Purpose of our Managing Legionella course:

Following a Legionella Risk Assessment, this course helps delegates understand their lawful responsibilities and how this is practically applied to their own site.  Course includes a site logbook with monitoring templates, a calibrated digital thermometer and course handouts

Course Objectives:

  • Background to Legionnaires’ Disease
  • Legionella Outbreaks
  • The Legal Bit
  • Risk Assessment
  • Controlling The Risks
  • Temperature Monitoring – Theory
  • Infrequently Used Outlets – The Importance of Flushing
  • Quiz
  • Temperature Monitoring – Practical

Location:  Client Site (50 mile radius of Maidenhead)

Duration: 2-3 hours (depending on number of delegates)


  • 1-6 Delegates (£395)
  • 7-12 Delegates (£525)