Some clever ideas on how to hide your air conditioning unit

As much as we love air conditioning systems, we can’t pretend they are not a just little unsightly. Hence, I thought an article on ‘How to hide air conditioning units’ would be a worthy addition to our air conditioning blog. This article looks at some of our favourite ideas for disguising or hiding your outdoor air conditioning unit.

In the UK, home air conditioning is becoming increasingly popular as our summers seem to be getting warmer. Many modern houses now rely on air conditioning systems entirely for heating, as well as cooling. As much as this is a energy efficient and very much the future, it brings with it the need to hide an outdoor air conditioning unit.

Often we can hide units down side walls or alley ways where they are not seen, but equally often there is no choice but for them to be on the back or front of your house.

Below are some ideas on how to hide the dreaded outdoor AC unit. Some of them are well crafted things of beauty, but others are very DIY and can be knocked up with odd bits of timber or wooden pallets. If you are not up to making your own air conditioning screen, then Google ‘wheelie bin screens’ and there are lots of off the shelf solutions which are quick and easy to install.


Our favourite ways to hide that air conditioning unit: