hotel-air-conditioningBest Western Royal Adelaide Hotel, Windsor

(Air Conditioning)

We are the maintenance partners for this large hotel in the centre of Windsor.

This hotel has a complex array of room and conference facilities in the heart of Windsor. We completed a site survey and recommended improvements and repairs.

5g-air-conditioningTelecomms Company, High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire (Air Conditioning)

This fast growing telecomms company needed cooling to a new 2nd floor computer room. This project saw installation of Fujitsu wall mounted systems with gravity feed condensate drains to reduce the points of failure.


Beauty Salon, Elmsleigh Shopping Centre (Air Conditioning)

This new beauty salon in Staines required heating and cooling air conditioning to its unit within the Elmsleigh Shopping Centre. The project was completed within 3 days, despite complex pipe runs of over 50m to a suitable roof location. We planned and liaised closely with the shopping centre management to ensure they were completely happy with the planned installation.

air conditioning installsNolan Business Solutions, Fleet (Air Conditioning)

This software company purchased an 1980’s office building that required a complete replacement of the heating and cooling systems. We installed a large number of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries splits systems to the main office area. This gave them the individual control they desired in each office area. The long pipe runs to the top floor meant that a mini-VRF system was best suited and was quick to install.

farm RefrigerationCopas Farms, Maidenhead (Air Conditioning)

This large group of farms employs giant refrigeration plant to cool the animal processing areas. Keeping this R22 equipment topped up was proving very costly, so we helped the management build a case to replace the gas with the eco-friendly R417a gas. The project was relatively straight forwards. We collected the remains of the existing gas into recovery bottles changed the filters and refilled the system.

hotel-air-conditioningMacDonald Savill Court Hotel, Windsor (Facilities Management)

We have to give our uniform a good wash before attending this large exclusive hotel. It has multiple restaurants, kitchens, spa and pool area and the ‘Great Hall’ that seats 3000 delegates. Just about every type of HVAC is employed at this location and Air Intelligence are the chosen partners to keep it in tiptop operating conditioning. Every 6 months we can be found scaling the roof and crawling through ceiling voids to service the Trane air handling systems, Carrier chillers, refrigeration plant, VAM Heat Exchangers, Split AC systems and a multitude of extractors.