Low Cost Custom Legionella Management Plans for 2020

You probably know that all businesses must now comply with Legionella Legislation. It’s surprising how many think they are complying because they have a Legionella Risk Assessment.

Its also remarkable how many think that because they are in rented property, that it’s not their responsibility. Both are usually wrong and they are not just risking their business, but also a prison sentence.

Why would you take these risks when they are so easy to solve with our low cost “Custom Legionella Management Plans”. 

STEP 1: We carry out a site survey and compilation of your Legionella Risk Assessment (typically £395 for most SME sized businesses).

STEP 2: From this, we build a “Custom Legionella Management Plan”. Typically these plans incorporate:

  • Set up of roles and responsibilities FREE
  • Monthly water temperature monitoring £880p.a (for 12 visits p.a)
  • Some sites require water samples to be sent for lab analysis (£195 p.a)
  • Other sites require chlorination of the water tank and pipework every two years (£150p.a)

We also offer 1/2 day ‘Legionella Awareness’ training courses for staff at bigger sites who want to take a more active role in the Legionella Management. These are £385 (for upto 6 people).