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Bracknell Air Conditioning Installers and Repairs

01183 800 919 for air conditioning repairs, surveys, installation and warehouse heating

Air Intelligence is helping the massive regeneration that is transforming Bracknell. With 25 years of air conditioning experience, we can be trusted to deal with your precious heating and cooling.

Got an urgent air conditioning repair or commercial boiler repair in Bracknell?

Call us now and we will be there in a flash. We have fully qualified air conditioning, commercial gas and electrical engineers.


Need Servicing of your Air Conditioning or Commercial Boiler?

We provide statutory air conditioning, boiler servicing, gas certification, ventilation and Legionella management in Bracknell. Web based maintenance log.


Office Air Conditioning

air-conditioning-offices25 years designing and installing all sizes of air conditioning units in Bracknell’s offices, including wall mount, cassette type, floor mount, ducted type from top manufactures such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Free quotations will be prompt with no obligation and no sales pressure. We will keep quotations simple and jargon free.

Computer Rooms

air-conditioning-computer-roomAir Intelligence is Bracknell s leading computer room design and construction company.

We can create your computer room from scratch…… partitioning, ceilings, cooling, fire protection systems and power management.

Warehouse Heating

air-condioning-factoryWarehouse heating systems are essential for maintaining a suitable environment for staff, machinery and stock. A variety of solutions are available ranging from basic floor standing heaters to ducted filtered solutions.

Air Conditioning for Bracknell's Hotels and Gyms

air-conditioning-hotelAir conditioning within Bracknell’s hotels and gyms in has become essential part of ensuring guests have a comfortable experience. At Air Intelligence, we understand the complex air conditioning requirements that are unique to the hospitality industry.

Use of air conditioning in hotels has made massive improvements in recent years and is now one of the most efficient means of heating and cooling these buildings.

Air Conditioning for Surgeries and Dentists

Air conditioning for dentists surgeriesAir conditioning within dentist and doctors surgeries has became increasingly common in Bracknell. Visiting a dental or medical surgery is, for most people, a stressful experience.

So it is in best interests of your patients to make the visit as comfortable and stress free as possible. However, the major drive toward air conditioning within surgeries is that dentists and doctors, their staff and patients are more and more concerned about the transmission of infection than ever before.

Air Conditioning for Shops and Restaurants

shop-air-conditioning-e1425031949897Air conditioning in Bracknell’s shops, restaurants and bars is no longer an optional extra. When first entering a shop or restaurant, its funny how you always notice when it’s too hot, too cold or if there is a distinct odour – is that really the first impression you want to give your precious customers.

Keeping customers comfortable is a key driver to increased profitability. Air conditioning systems in shops and restaurants create a comfortable fresh environment where customers will enjoy their visit, they will stay longer, browse more and therefore an increased likelihood of purchasing more products and services.

With air conditioning in shops or restaurants wave goodbye to odours, smelly or hot changing rooms and cold drafts. Let your customer notice and enjoy your products or service, leading to repeat business and encouraging others to do the same through their recommendations.

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