Revolutionary air conditioning filter technology that inhibits Coronavirus

Yes, this sounds to good to be true, but Panasonic have just announced on the 26th October 2020 the results of research by Texcell into their NanoeX air conditioning filter technology.

Over 99.99% of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) activity was inhibited within 2 hours

Read the full article on the UK Panasonic subsiduary:

Verification of inhibitory effect of nanoe™ X, technology with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals on novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2)

and here on the Panasonic Worldwide website:

Panasonic’s nanoe™ X helps you brave the new normal with the benefits of hydroxyl radicals proven to inhibit the novel Coronavirus

I personally visited Panasonic Research Labs in Tokyo in September 2019…..long before Covid-19 or Coronavirus were common terms in daily life. They demonstrated the NanoeX filtration in their standard air conditioners. I was astonished at its ability to filter odours and they used strong smelling ammonia to demonstrate this. The research technician also talked in depth about filtering pollen, bacteria and viruses (no mention of Covid-19!). The pollen section caught my attention, as I know this is an increasing problem and we get asked about this regularly in the context of choosing air conditioners.  The technician talked at length about bacteria and virus filtration, but to be frank, I sort of switched of at this point, thinking it was of less value to our customers when considering air conditioning systems.

Roll on 12 months… wrong was I!

Until now, we have been reluctant and avoided making claims about Covid-19 filtration when promoting Panasonic air conditioning for homes and commercial properties. However, this incredible new research by Texell shows just how good the NanoeX filtration is at achieving this.

There is nothing conventional about NanoeX filtration…..its not a filter or gauze that air passes through like normal air conditioning systems (although Panasonic air conditioners do also have one of these for larger particles and dust capture).  Read the article if you are technically minded, but in essence, NanoeX air conditioning filtration uses tiny electrically charged water particles to attract microorganisms. These can be bacteria, fungi, pollen and viruses…..including Coronavirus.

Its a patented technology that we will not see in other air conditioning systems and we expect it to be a major differentiator from the other air conditioning manufacturers.

What we really like it that this new technology is now built into most of the Panasonic range of air conditioning systems and the cost is no more than comparable brands that don’t have this feature.