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Commercial Heating Repairs & Servicing

Commercial Heating Repairs & Servicing

Installation, repair and maintenance of all types of oil and gas fired commercial and warehouse heating equipment.

Facilities Management

Facilities Management

Building managers for all mechanical and electrical maintenance. Lifts, legionella, fire safety, lighting, water features, risk assessments and more.

Some of Our Other Specialities

Home Air Conditioning

Home air conditioning with a difference…the very latest home air conditioners with advance air purification. A lot cheaper than you might think….read on

Computer Room Design & Build

Computer room design and construction is one of our specialities.  However big or small, and regardless of your building limitations, will find the right solution for your server room…read on

School Air Conditioning & Heating

Air conditioning  within school and educational buildings is no longer a luxury, but is increasingly seen as essential to the learning environment….read on

Warehouse Heating

Gas or oil fired warehouse heating using suspended heaters, cabinate heaters or radiant tube heaters…read on

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Air conditioning and Corvid-19 Coronavirus

Air conditioning and Corvid-19 Coronavirus

Yes, this sounds to good to be true, but Panasonic have just announced on the 26th October 2020 the results of research by Texcell into their NanoeX air conditioning filter technology. Over 99.99% of novel coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) activity was inhibited within 2 hours Read the…

How to Disguise an Air Conditioning Unit?

How to Disguise an Air Conditioning Unit?

As much as we love air conditioning systems, we can't pretend they are not a just little unsightly. Hence, I thought an article on 'How to hide air conditioning units' would be a worthy addition to our air conditioning blog. This article looks at some…

Air conditioning and Ventilating Basement Classrooms

Air conditioning and Ventilating Basement Classrooms

Basements represent a unique challenge when it comes to air conditioning and ventilation, particularly the latter. They can be further complicated if these areas are to have high student occupancy rates. This was the challenge we faced on a recent project at a college in…

Air quality in school classrooms

Air quality in school classrooms

Schools represent much higher occupation levels than a typical commercial office building, hence the bioburden becomes even greater. What is bioburden?....It is the number of non-sterilised living bacteria in a space. The bacteria particulates can be brought in on people’s clothing, through open doors and…

air-conditioning-offices25 years designing and installing all sizes of air conditioning units in Hampshire, including wall mount, cassette type, floor mount, ducted type from top manufactures such as Daikin, Fujitsu, Toshiba, Mitsubishi Electric and Mitsubishi Heavy Industries.

Choices: Even with our vast experience, there are no two Hampshire buildings the same. So our air conditioning systems are always matched to the specific requirements of every individual premises.

Free quotations will be prompt with no obligation and no sales pressure. We will keep quotations simple and jargon free.

We will find the right air conditioning units or HVAC system to meet your budget and present an easy to understand quote.

F-Gas: All our installers are F-GAS certified, which is now a prerequisite for all air conditioning engineers working with refrigerant gases.

3 Years: When your air conditioning installation has been completed, we offer preventative maintenance agreements and full after sales support backed by up to 5 year warranties.

air-condioning-factoryWarehouse heating systems are essential for maintaining a suitable environment for staff, machinery and stock. A variety of solutions are available ranging from basic floor standing heaters to ducted filtered solutions.

For every type of commercial building, however large or small, Air Intelligence offer reliable air handling solutions to suit all requirements.

air-conditioning-hotelAir conditioning within Hampshire’s hotels and gyms in has become essential part of ensuring guests have a comfortable experience. At Air Intelligence, we understand the complex air conditioning requirements that are unique to the hospitality industry.

Use of air conditioning in hotels has made massive improvements in recent years and is now one of the most efficient means of heating and cooling these buildings. Specifying very efficient air conditioning systems within hotels needs to consider the additional redundancy required for high season, but also operate extremely efficiently during periods of low demand. That said,

over estimating the redundancy needed for high season will unnecessarily drive up installation costs, so a balance needs to be struck.

This is where we can help, right from heat load estimation to design and selection of equipment, laying them out, testing and commissioning, it is done in the right way meeting the highest standards in the industry.

air-conditioning-computer-roomAir Intelligence is Hampshires leading computer room design and construction company. However big or small, and regardless of your building limitations, our specialist design team will find the right solution for your computer room.

This will incorporate high specification cooling equipment with latest energy saving features, fire protection systems and power management. All this at very competitive prices and installed to meet or surpass manufacturers’ recommended installation requirements.

Air conditioning for dentists surgeriesAir conditioning within dentist and doctors surgeries has became increasingly common in Hampshire.

Visiting a dental or medical surgery is, for most people, a stressful experience.

So it is in best interests of your patients to make the visit as comfortable and stress free as possible. However, the major drive toward air conditioning within surgeries is that dentists and doctors, their staff and patients are more and more concerned about the transmission of infection than ever before.

In medical and dental practices diseases can be transmitted from patient to patient, patient to dental healthcare workers and from healthcare workers to patients. Controlling bacterial contamination through proper air filtration has long been considered the most essential component in the infection control process and vital to patient safety.

shop-air-conditioning-e1425031949897Air conditioning in Hampshire’s shops, restaurants and bars is no longer an optional extra. When first entering a shop or restaurant, its funny how you always notice when it’s too hot, too cold or if there is a distinct odour – is that really the first impression you want to give your precious customers?

Keeping customers comfortable is a key driver to increased profitability. Air conditioning systems in shops and restaurants create a comfortable fresh environment where customers will enjoy their visit, they will stay longer, browse more and therefore an increased likelihood of purchasing more products and services.

With air conditioning in shops or restaurants wave goodbye to odours, smelly or hot changing rooms and cold drafts. Let your customer notice and enjoy your products or service, leading to repeat business and encouraging others to do the same through their recommendations.

Our shop and restaurant air conditioning systems can provide hot and cold air and are suitable for all types of premises from corner shops and restaurants to large retail outlets.

our units can provide efficient hot and cold air

They can embed filters to remove odours and in large installations, correct placement of outlets will prevent hot and cold spots.

we know budgets are tight

Our air conditioning will be unobtrusive and responsive to quickly changing temperatures. It will also be easy to install and flexible enough to accommodate future layout changes to your premises.  At Air Intelligence we know that your budget is tight and air conditioning needs to be installed quickly and even out of hours, to avoid disruption to customers and lose of earnings.