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Commercial ventilation to remove factory fumes and odours

We install commercial ventilation systems in factories and industrial buildings to efficiently remove fumes and odours. Units that maintain negative air pressure can also be used to prevent dirty air circulating around the building.

Commercial ventilation to match factory heat loads

Machinery and equipment in many factories produce considerable amounts of heat during the production process. Our commercial heating and ventilation specifications take this into account when calculating the efficient air handling solution for your factory. Our project managers will work with you to calculate exactly what is needed from your new or replacement system. We will ensure the unit has the capacity to match the heat load produced in your business.

Ventilation for Demanding factory environments

Industrial and factory environments place a heavy demand on ventilation systems. So maintenance access to controls, safety devices, the need to change or clean filters are important considerations in the design of your systems.

As part of our site assessment, our experienced designers will help your decide the best solution for your factory. Since industrial environments can seriously reduce the running life of cheaper brands, we always recommend quality units with advanced controls that indicate when the indoor filters require changing and safety device activation that prevents major damage to equipment.  Good brands include Mitsubishi, Fujitsu and Daikin and all come with the relevant features recommended for commercial ventilation.

Ventilation for optimum staff productivity

air-conditioning-factoryVentilation creates a healthy production environment that transforms morale and productivity, leading to rapid pay back on your investment. A productive workforce is essential to the success of any production or storage business. Clean air at the right temperature and humidity raises morale and reduces accidents, mistakes and absenteeism. Ideal factory and warehouse environments are between 18 to 21°C and humidity of 40% to 60%.  Failure to keep within these ranges may affect productivity of staff as well as potentially damaging equipment, stocks of raw materials or finished goods.

We have a wealth of experience providing cost effective and efficient ventilation & HVAC solutions. From small business units, large factories and warehouses, production facilities of all kinds,  Air Intelligence can provide the latest air handling technology best suited to your building’s requirements.

Call us today and ask for some options and a quote for commercial heating or commercial ventilation within your business.