Important points to consider when choosing a light-commercial boiler.

There is a growing market for light commercial boilers in the world of gas heating as a domestic installers can operate up to 70kw without any additional qualifications. With so many boilers to choose from here are the most important things to consider when making the decision for Berkshire based business.

Energy Efficiency

First and most importantly is energy efficiency, whether it is to reduce bills or carbon emissions thanks to the Energy Labelling Directive [ErP] comparing energy efficiency is relatively straight forward. All space and combi heaters up to 70Kw are required to have an energy label rating between A++ and G and when used along with the energy-efficiency data they can help engineers work out the most efficient system for your needs. To ensure your boiler runs at maximum efficiency it must be the correct size for how much heat and hot water is required for the building so it is important to work out how much is needed from the outset.


Both on-board and ancillary controls can improve the overall efficiency and usability of a boiler. Some newer boilers even coming fitted with weather compensation controls allowing the boiler to regulate its output in relation the outside temperature. Zone controls are also ideal when different part of a building require different heating options.

Boiler Dimension

It is important to have your maximum dimensions to hand when choosing your new boiler and to know the pro and cons as to it’s location. Wall hung boilers tend to be more popular as they offer a more neat and tidy installation but often floor standing alternatives are required for older buildings which are listed or have unstable walls. The newer floor standing models also have a very small footprint and can fit into smaller spaces too. The weight can make a difference too as lighter models can be quicker and easier the engineer to install.


As boilers are often a rush purchase it is important to find the best deal for you and often a high efficiency light commercial boiler will meet your needs and budget.


Comparing the lengths of various warranties will give you an idea of the quality of the product and an extended warranty shows the manufacturer has confidence in its product. It’s important to always read the small print to ensure that you don’t accidentally break the terms and conditions

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