One of the major problems busy manufacturing or distribution companies experience with their warehouses is the loss of heat caused by using the doors during the working day: this causes both discomfort to employees working within the area and also wastes valuable profits to the business in increased energy costs.

The problem occurs when air escapes causing the internal temperature to drop, however many companies don’t realise that this is problem that was solved many years ago with air curtains. Air curtains can cut energy costs by 80% by deliver a flow of air which separates the indoor and outdoor atmospheres, helping to preserve the heat in your warehouse. In fact, they are so efficient that doors can be left open all day without hardly any effect to indoor temperatures and your energy consumption costs.

The air curtains can be installed in an over-door position or down the side of a doorway – the flow of air produces a uniform flow. Since cold air typically enters from a low level and warm air would escape at ceiling level, over-door air curtains are preferred, especially since they push the hot air down to a lower level where it is need most.

New developments in this industry have produced designs which are even more efficient than the previous models. Air curtains can be supplied as ambient models or as heated models using gas, hot water, steam or electric so there will be one to suit every business.