There is nothing worse than starting a new job or moving desk only to find that your sitting in a draught caused by the air-conditioning. It is in fact the responsibility of the employer to take care of the well-being of their employees and there is even legislation relating to the comfort of staff. 

Having to sit in a cold air draught is very unpleasant and can even cause muscle stiffness and pain for employees which can seriously affect their productivity. A lot of people resort to wearing thick jumpers and winter clothing in air conditioned offices but this is an issue that can be easily rectified. Air conditioning vent deflectors are a quick and easy solutions which provides immediate relief by circulating the air around the whole space. They are sometimes known as air diverters, air wings, air diffusers and even air baffles depending on what style of unit they are for. There are different styles for every type of air conditioning unit and they are usually made of out plastic or fiberglass. Below are some examples air conditioning deflectors:

Polycarbonate Air Conditioning Deflector for ceiling cassette

Air Conditioning Deflector/Diffuser for ceiling cassette unit

Air Conditioning Deflector/Baffles installed on ceiling cassette unit

Corner Air Conditioning Vent Deflector

Air Conditioning Deflector for Wall Mounted Unit.

Air Conditioning Wing Deflector fitted to wall mounted unit

Air conditioning deflectors really are a great option if you have an ongoing draught problem as they are quick, easy to fit and relatively inexpensive compared to replacing an existing system. They can also help to reduce energy costs by heating and cooling a space more efficiently.

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